Services Provided

Dog Walking

  • Your dog is walked in a small group of up to three carefully matched dogs of similar sizes and ages.
  • If your dog is nervous of other dogs I offer individual walks.
  • The walks are varied so your dog doesn’t get bored walking the same route and all walks are in the countryside away from traffic.

Walks can be of varying lengths:

  • Half hour
  • One hour
  • Two hours

I can also provide a toilet break service, so come round to your house and let your dog out in the garden or walk it round the block for 15 minutes for your dog to stretch its legs and relieve itself.  This is ideal for dogs that are in season or for older dogs.

Unfortunately I can only take dogs out that are not aggressive towards both people and dogs.

Pet Sitting

If you want to go out in the evening or for a day out I can take your dog out for two walks during the day and one in the evening and feed and keep company as required.

I also offer a home from home service on a rural estate in my cottage so while you are away on holiday I can care for your dog or small animal so they have all the home comforts that they’re used to.

I can also provide care for any animals you may own, including any small animals, hamsters, birds, reptiles, also chickens, and I can also turn out and care for horses and muck out while you’re away on holiday.

Small animal care includes:

  • Cage Cleaning
  • Twice Daily Feeding
  • Love & Cuddles Where Needed!

All of my services can be tailored to your specific requirements.