About Me

I have been caring for and working with animals for my whole life.  I have a Zoology degree and have worked at kennels, catteries, stables and wildlife rescue centres. 

I have sound knowledge of a wide variety of animals and their behaviour and requirements. 

I have owned guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, dogs and horses.  Having been around these animals since a very young age.

I know how it feels to be an owner and worrying about your pet’s welfare while you’re away either at work or on holiday.  I am compassionate and understand the needs of each individual animal and am aware of different personalities, for example my dog can’t have enough cuddles!

I am aware that dogs are easily prone to boredom so I like to take dogs in my care for walks in different places so they can experience new smells and surroundings.

You can be assured that your pet will be in safe hands with me and get everything it needs and wants.